Mar 23, 2021, 11:22:13 PM



OVR is a platform for geolocalized AR and VR experiences based on Ethereum blockchain. OVR allows for creating hosting and visualizing on mobile geo-located AR and VR contents. AR/VR assets are connected to geographic locations thanks NFTs (ERC-721 standard). The world has been divided in 1.6 trillion hexagons, each one of those nominated with a combiantion of 3 english words. Each hexagon (OVRLand) represents unique geographic location and the owner of the OVRLand can decide what AR/VR experience will be visualized on that location. Covered use cases are: gaming, live events, virtual retail, avatars, tourism and many more.. AR/VR assets are hosted on IPFS making the platform unstoppable. OVR project also has a fungible token (ERC-20) OVR Token used for governance and exchange of value on the platform. OVR Token emission is controlled by an IBCO controlled by DAO under the Aragon framework. Our vision is to become The Decentralized Platform of the Spatial Web